Optimising Affiliate Marketing with Monitoring

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Affiliate Monitoring a process, in which publishers and their websites are reviewed. The results are collected in a database, which is used for subsequent analysis.
This way, you acquire knowledge on how to optimise your Affiliate Marketing. Our experience has shown that links often do not work or lead to the wrong page, which can cost valuable time for customer acquisition during timely limited campaigns.

Moreover, Affiliate Monitoring allows you to recognise best practice examples, which can help to improve other affiliates’ or your own marketing. Thus, your Affiliate Marketing becomes more effective.
Other benefits of Affiliate Monitoring include that you are able to minimise legal and reputational risks caused by the following incidents:

  • Advertisement of incorrect conditions
  • Out-dated test awards or advertising banners
  • Suspicious content (e.g. your advertisement appears on a shady website)
  • Violation of laws (e.g. consumer credit directive, quotations of prices order)
  • Breaches of contract by the affiliate partners (e.g. unauthorised reimbursements, clickfarms, trademark infringements etc.)

Users often comment on the affiliate websites, allowing you to quickly find out, how successful your campaign is or if there are problems. Is the wording of the conditions easily understandable? Is it possible to clarify any uncertainties, especially before your call centre is overwhelmed with too many requests regarding the campaign.

Furthermore, it is easy to find out with Affiliate Monitoring, what kind of target group is most appealed by the campaigns. Ultimately, this can help you to prevent customers to participate in campaigns over and over again, exploiting the campaigns to receive the most amount of gifts – but not becoming actual customers.

Concluding, it can be very beneficial to implement effective Affiliate Monitoring.
Successful Affiliate Monitoring is best achieved through an experienced partner, who has well qualified staff and tools, and can thus take over the process and report to you the most important findings in clearly structured, target-oriented reports (“Affiliate Insights”).  CURE provides this service. (MF)


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