Finding and convincing Key Influencers

18. May 2015, Sophie Schäfer - Intelligence, Monitoring, Marketing

How do you define a key influencer? A general definition out of our social media glossary:  

People who, with regard to a certain matter of public interest, display the highest form of awareness and express as well as transmit their own opinion to others in their social environment.

The public interest, for example, could be a certain topic, product or problem. It is something that concerns people and drives them to research. In that process they come across key influencers, who present opinions on the social web and influence others. Key influencers can be bloggers, but also people who comment a lot in forums and post articles.

Companies can try to acquire these key influencers as intermediaries. This is probably best explained by an example: A travel blogger, who loves adventures close to nature, publishes catchy travelogues on his blog and reaches many like-minded people. For his next journey, a company offers him to test a new tent and equipment. One always has to keep in mind that a product can also be rated negatively. This would also be the case on sales platforms or review sites though (e.g. It is therefore advantageous to work with a tester, because one can react to improvement suggestions and communicate. The most important aspect, however, is to remain authentic.

Identifying a key influencer

With help of our Social Media Monitoring we can locate relevant key influencers. For this purpose we use the market-leading monitoring tools Brandwatch and Talkwalker to scan over 150 Million sources worldwide. The monitoring includes:Blogs

  • Microblogs (Twitter, etc.)
  • Social networks (Facebook, Google+, etc.)
  • Forums and communities
  • Video and photosharing platforms (YouTube, Pinterest, etc.)
  • Question and answer sites (, etc.)
  • Review sites (,, etc.)
  • News sites (inclusive user comments)

We quantitatively and qualitatively register recurring and influential authors in a report, including further research results concerning the person. These insights form the basis for effective influencer marketing. (SOS)


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