Social Media Analysis: New Features and Options

30. May 2017, Phillip Haberstroh - Intelligence, Monitoring, Social Media

  • Facebook insights can be integrated for in-depth social media analyses.
  • Google Analytics data can be integrated to measure the correlation between data from social media and website analytics data. 
  • Images (e.g. logos, corporate images) can be included in the search for content on the Internet and in social media. 
  • Browser-based dashboards can be provided for permanent data access.

1. Facebook Insights

Specific Facebook channels can now be connected to our social media monitoring tool, enabling the use of the metrics of Facebook insights in our social media analyses. For some time already, various social media monitoring tools have offered the possibility of including certain Facebook channels in the monitoring even without connecting the Facebook insights. The data analysis depth implemented by means of the integration now enables an entirely new dimension of data quality and quantity. The generated Facebook data are thus even more precise and deliver a wide range of additional metrics, such as the exact reach of a post rather than merely the potential reach. All that is needed to access the insights is an analyst account (read rights). 

The more detailed analysis options facilitate data-based decisions concerning the content strategy or the marketing budget. Furthermore, the performance of your various brand channels can be compared with each other in order to gain an enhanced understanding, enabling the even more effective identification of key influencers. 

2. Google Analytics

The data of Google Analytics (e.g. pageviews, time on page, sessions, session duration, number of users, new users, goals) can also be connected to our social media monitoring tool. In this way, correlations can be pinpointed between the data from social media and the website analytics data in order to optimise online activities, resources, time and budgets. Moreover, the ROI of your own social media efforts within the scope of marketing campaigns can be analysed, and new business opportunities can be identified. Besides the connection of Google Analytics, Google spreadsheets can be uploaded. In this way, other data can also be tied in with the social media data. 

3. Image Recognition

Apart from texts, it is now also possible to include company and brand images (e.g. logos, corporate images etc.) in the search for content on the Internet and in social media. To do so, the respective images must be entered once in the utilised social media monitoring tool. With the help of the image analysis, you can also see which images your audience uses in connection with your brand. 

Here a summary of the most important results (image recognition) for the "Heineken" brand with the highest engagement over the last seven days.

4. Dashboards

The data analysed by us can now also be made available in browser-based, interactive dashboards (themes, sentiments, KPIs etc.). In this way, our customers can always access the data, e.g. to conduct ad-hoc research under their own steam or to compare their social media channels with competitor channels in real time (KPIs). Overview of key benefits:

  • Provision of the qualitative tool data provided by CURE
  • 24/7 tool access via browser
  • Dashboards can be set up for various analysis areas, e.g.:
    • KPIs of your own social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.) as compared to those of competitor channels (benchmarking)
    • Theme analysis (number of posts, sentiments, distribution etc.)
    • Key influencer analysis (your social media channels vs other social media)
    • Trend analysis (hashtags, emojis, bubble clouds, word clouds)
  • White label possible (logo, colour, background)
  • Freely selectable access URL

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in the new features presented above and/or are looking for additional analysis and reporting options.


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