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Journalists, Politicians, CEOs – Targeted Monitoring on Twitter

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U.S. President Donald Trump is a prime example: You can make Twitter your primary means of communication, and even use it as a political instrument. Should you, though? That is up for debate. Less doubtful, however, is that Twitter is becoming ever more popular among politicians as their communication platform of choice – as this recent (and remarkable) tweet from the Börsen-Zeitung goes to show:


Journalists, Politicians, CEOs – Targeted Monitoring on Twitter

Why Fake Reviews Smothered Ciao and dooyoo

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The impact of customer reviews on purchase decisions has been demonstrated in numerous studies. Therefore, many companies offer review options, and review platforms are very popular. Nevertheless, the pioneers Ciao and dooyoo disappeared from the market at the beginning of the year. Learn about the role that fake reviews played and why this subject is so important for social media monitoring and the measurement of the brand reputation.

Why Fake Reviews Smothered Ciao and dooyoo

Early Warning – Alarm in the Social Web

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The best-known phenomenon in social web is the shitstorm: a self-perpetuating wave of critical articles in social networks, blogs and comments about a person, a product or a business. If such an article is detected via Social Media Monitoring and if it is communicated early and appropriately through early-warning, valuable time is gained to deal with the crisis and if necessary to totally dismantle it.

Early Warning – Alarm in the Social Web

The benefit of Social Media for asset manager

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“Trust is the beginning of everything” is the motto of Deutsche Bank, the largest German bank. This slogan applies just to the asset management, as entrepreneurs, executive employees or even heirs want to know their assets are in good hands. Hence, personal meetings are very important and take place regularly, when reportings have been sent, for example. There seems to be no space left for Social Media here. Because, which client wants to discuss his financial situation via Facebook? Why this view is bound to be inadequate can be read here.

The benefit of Social Media for asset manager

The limits of social media monitoring tools

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Social media monitoring tools like Talkwalker or Brandwatch scan the web for keywords. The result list then shows the links and websites where these keywords were found. Catchwords or tags can be entered in order to categorize the finds and evaluate them visually. Even though these processes can be operated automically, the human intelligence remains indispensable if you want to validate and evaluate the finds correctly. This blog post explains why.

The limits of social media monitoring tools

Marco Feiten

Marco Feiten is a shareholder and Managing Director of CURE S.A. After obtaining a degree in business administration, the professional banker first worked as an executive and Portfolio Manager in a medium-sized investment management company in the Stuttgart region. Thereafter, he served as Business Development Manager for a large bank in Luxembourg. In this capacity, he mainly contributed to the expansion of the international business. In 2009, Marco Feiten joined the newly established CURE S.A., assuming responsibility for the establishment of the business unit Web & Social Media Monitoring and Marketing. Marco is fond of wine, music, and movies and is interested in biographies and new technologies.

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