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Sentiment analysis 2.0

, - Intelligence, Monitoring

Sentiment analysis is arguably the most common and prominent tool for the analysis of web and social media data. Before coding data with additional parameters, e.g. themes or author groups, it makes sense to allocate them to sentiments. Mentions are conventionally rated as neutral, negative or positive. We believe that it is important to examine and rate the sentiment in a more differentiated way. For this reason, we have developed our own five-level model.

Sentiment analysis 2.0

Social Media Analysis: New Features and Options

, - Intelligence, Monitoring, Social Media

The world of social media is moving along faster than ever. Accordingly, it is imperative that assessment and analysis options be adapted to enterprise needs – especially to those of social media managers – as quickly as possible. Therefore, we endeavour to progressively deliver new assessment and analysis options in order to continue to be able to address our customers' specific requirements as effectively as possible. 

Social Media Analysis: New Features and Options

Philip Haberstroh

Following a creative excursion into the world of music production as a professional audio engineer, Philip Haberstroh discovered his passion for social media and online marketing. In 2011, he embarked on a three-year activity as Web & Social Media Analyst, after which he studied business administration at Freie Universität Berlin. Since 2011, Philip has actively participated in the further development of CURE S.A. in Luxembourg. His range of duties has included product development, operations management with responsibility for a team of up to 50, customer care, and strategic realignment of the company. At present he mainly focuses on business development.

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