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Employer Branding Is Shaping Corporate Future

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The balance of power on the job market has shifted. More and more companies compete for the applicants' favor and see themselves under pressure to establish an attractive brand presence. Consequently, successful employer branding is gaining in importance, creating competition between companies for the best talent, and owing in part to a shortage of skilled workers in industrialized countries. More importantly, probably, companies are beginning to understand that their success is largely determined by their employees’ performance.

Employer Branding Is Shaping Corporate Future

CURE TOOLTEST Social Media Monitoring Part 3: Brandwatch Analytics

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Brandwatch is arguably one of the best known companies in the field of social media monitoring. Apart from the effective visualisation of the social buzz at the dmexco by the Vizia social media command centre, this is also attributable to the fact that the UK company has already been on the market since 2005.

Brandwatch offers three different products: The said social media command centre Vizia 2, a target group and influencer analytics tool called Brandwatch Audiences and the oldest social listening and analytics tool Brandwatch Analytics, which is relevant to most of our use cases and which we will examine in this post. We used Talkwalker as the benchmark.

CURE TOOLTEST Social Media Monitoring Part 3: Brandwatch Analytics

Human Resources and Social Media Monitoring

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No matter if it is marketing or human resources – imagining these fields without social media has become hard. Job hunters profit just as much from the manifold uses of social media as companies do in recruiting and their own employer branding. In this blog post, we will be showing you ways to use social media monitoring in HR processes successfully – as well as ways that are perhaps less well-advised.

Human Resources and Social Media Monitoring

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