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Newsletter 01/2019

Dear readers,

It is hardly a secret that companies are desperate for talent. Our blog post on employer branding reveals what employees particularly value about their companies, and how strongly business success is tied to employee satisfaction.

Speaking of employee satisfaction – our “new” employee, Philip Esseln, joined us in January 2019 and has been actively supporting us as a social media and web analyst.

You can read up on the latest from our CURE Intelligence division in our blog entry on Sentiment Analysis. We have developed our own measurement model, depicting moods and sentiment in web & social media in more detail.

Enjoy the read, the summer temperatures, and don’t forget to browse our link suggestions at the end of the newsletter.

Your CURE S.A. Team


Employer Branding Is Shaping Corporate Future

The balance of power on the job market has shifted. More and more companies compete for talent and see themselves under pressure to establish an attractive brand presence. More importantly, companies are beginning to understand that their success is largely determined by their employees’ performance. Read more about this topic in our latest blog post by Sina Reinhard and Jan Temmes.

(Relatively) New on the Team: Philip Esseln

Philip Esseln has been supporting the CURE team as a social media and web analyst since January 2019. Philip read History and English at Trier University and at Oxford. After brief stints in publishing in Hamburg and at a diplomatic representation in Berlin, he most recently worked in Frankfurt in the field of management consulting, both strategic and communicative. With his knowledge of digital marketing, corporate and financial communications, he supports the team regarding marketing and PR campaigns as well as web analytics. In addition to his enthusiasm for music and all things prose, he is also a Trier repat and hence once again exploring the Moselle region. You can reach Philip by email at philip.esseln(at) or by phone at +352 26 74 55 44 27. You are also quite welcome to add Philip on LinkedIn.

Sentiment Analysis 2.0

When it comes to web and social media data, sentiment analysis is certainly the most prominent and widespread tool. Allocating sentiment is arguably a reasonable first step before tagging further parameters such as topics or author groups. Thus, sources are traditionally evaluated along sentiment categories neutral, negative or positive. We, however, contend the importance of differentiating even further when both considering and evaluating sentiment. From this conviction stems our very own and recently developed five-stage model. Find out more on our blog.

CURE Link Tips: News from the Web and Social Media

Not content with your content? has compiled a number of ideas for content creation and turned them into one large infographic titled "47 Blog and Content Ideas For When You Get A Mental Block". Included are obvious measures such as offering listicles, warming up old posts or conducting a survey for readers, but also refreshing steps like creating individual 404 error pages. One thing they all have in common: Food for thought whenever you are struggling with new content ideas.

Read more features an overview of 20 sources providing free statistics and data from different categories. These include established sources like "Google Trends", but also insider tips such as "Group Lens" or "GitHub's BuzzFeed News". As a cherry on top, 41 free stock image databases are also linked.

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Basic Thinking presents six tips for designing contemporary and appealing websites, emphasizing the importance of using new technologies to help websites adapt to changing user behaviour. The article summarizes all technical and content-related matters briefly and informatively.

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For the first time, Instagram has published figures showing how small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular can benefit from the social network. Moreover, they show how users are increasingly using Instagram to discover new brands and products – thus making the platform a constant source of inspiration.

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