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Newsletter 01/2020

Dear readers,

as you know, we deal with opinions and information on the social web on a daily basis. Many companies have already realized that a large part of their success depends on social media: they offer customer service via channels like Facebook, Twitter and more. But what is there to be considered? In today's newsletter we will give you tips,

a) how you respond appropriately to requests on your social media channels


b) which channel strategy on Facebook might be the right one for you.

Based on our experience with numerous clients from the financial sector, our latest guest article on FondsTrends will give you insights about the use of social media for financial communication.

Wrap yourself up well during the frosty temperatures these days and enjoy browsing through our link tips at the end of the newsletter, perhaps with a warm tea to match the season!

Happy reading!

Your CURE S.A. team

Customer service in social media – boon or bane?

Company accounts in social media offer customers varied ways to contact us. But can companies meet these new requirements? Learn more on our blog.

The ultimate Facebook channel strategy

Many companies, once they’ve reached a certain size and operate on an international scale, are faced with a fundamental question – how should Facebook be used for strategic brand presentation? A single corporate channel, several geographical channels, or maybe even topic channels? Each of these options has advantages and disadvantages that our blog post weighs against each other.

The 'Social' in Social Media - financial communication in the digital media

Digitisation has entered the financial sector. While this is a welcome development, there is still a lot of catching up to do: why are measures that have paved the way in operative business not also applied with the same consistency for PR and communication? With the means already available, there is still plenty of room for improvement when it comes to implementation. Our guest article on FondsTrends explains how to use social media as a vehicle for financial communication successfully.


CURE Link Tips: News from the Web and Social Media

Many companies have been using influencer marketing for a long time. Now a study by the Bundesverband für Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) shows that this concept is indeed quite successful.

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Instagram Marketing 2020: Keep an eye on these developments!

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Artificial intelligence: How to measure the 'I' in AI

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