• Newsletter 02/2018
    • Dear readers,

      after interesting discussions with decision-makers from the fund industry at the expert lunch in Luxembourg at the beginning of October, we would like to introduce to you our website tip, the platform fondstrends.lu. We would also like to draw your attention to our exciting blog article on the subject of "Visual Monitoring". Looking for a new professional challenge? Find out which positions are currently vacant at CURE S.A.

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      At this point we would like to refer you to our partner fondstrends.lu. The platform offers a constant flow and exchange of information from fund experts to interesting industry news. The Luxembourg fund business has experienced rapid growth in recent years and collective asset management has become an integral part of the financial centre. Investors enjoy a high degree of flexibility in the design of investment products. This makes Luxembourg the world's most important centre for cross-border fund distribution and the second largest fund location in the world. Stay informed about current developments with Fondstrends and read here how CURE contributed to setting up the platform.
      Find out in our blog post how "Visual Monitoring", i.e. image recognition by AI, can be used to gain exciting insights for marketers. How are your products and services presented on the web and how are they perceived by your customers? In the near future, the topic will gain considerably in importance, because social media offer a huge data pool that is waiting to be analysed. You can read everything you need to know about "Visual Monitoring" in our Blog.

      We are happy to welcome new employees who share our passion for social media, monitoring and marketing. We place high demands on ourselves - this includes the quality of our work, the consulting of our clients and team work.

      The following positions are currently vacant at Grevenmacher, Luxembourg:

  • Newsletter 01/2018
    • Dear readers,

      The first half of the year has flown by and with this e-mail we present you the summer issue of our newsletter. We used the time to analyze which social media management tool suits you best. We also investigated the scandal surrounding Cambridge Analytica and the question of how our data are processed via micro targeting. Furthermore the CURE team has grown in the last few months. We would like to introduce our new employees Marisa Kirchen and Klarissa Feis.

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      Your team of CURE S.A.


      Already in June we pursued the question "How to find the most suitable social media management tool" on our blog. Social media tools are literally available as the sand of the sea, but how do you find out which tool fits your needs best and what do the various tools promise? In our blog article you will find basic criteria for the right tool selection. We also took a closer look at three well-known tools and tested them for you in practice.


      The Cambridge Analytica scandal has shown how potential voters can be supplied with targeted messages and be influenced by unauthorised election advertising by evaluating their personal data. We examined the topic in more detail and already reported about it on our blog at the end of June.



      Since April 2018 Marisa Kirchen has been working as an Online Marketing & Communications Manager at CURE S.A. The trained media designer worked for a publishing house and an advertising agency after completing her studies in media science. There she was responsible for the conception of marketing campaigns, corporate designs and support of social media. Besides marketing tasks and researching topics, she supports the team in the area of community management and through her confident handling of graphics programs. In addition to her passion for layout and good design, she is an enthusiastic USA fan and is diligently saving on her next USA trip. You can contact Marisa Kirchen by mail to marisa.kirchen(at)cure-sa.eu or by phone on +352 26 74 55 44 23.

      Since one month we welcome Klarissa Feis as Junior Social Media Analyst in our team. After her business studies she worked as a marketing manager for a service provider for event management and was responsible for the conception, implementation and control of marketing measures both online and offline. In addition to her work as a junior social media analyst, she supports our team in the development and management of marketing and PR campaigns. In her free time she volunteers in an association for youth and cultural work and likes to travel to distant countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia or Peru. You can contact Klarissa Feis by mail to klarissa.feis(at)cure-sa.eu or by phone on +352 26 74 55 44 29.

  • Newsletter 01/2017
    • Hello,

      our first newsletter of 2017 holds an update of the CURE TOOLTEST ready for you – read up on how monitoring solutions by Talkwalker, Linkfluence, Synthesio and Digimind performed in our test. Another post focuses on the topic of social bots, how they operate, how to expose them and what influence they might have on opinion formation. Additionally, we would like to introduce our new colleagues Björn Zosel and Katharina Veit.

      Happy reading!

      Your CURE S.A. team

    • CURE TOOLTEST Social Media Monitoring

      In regular tool tests, we ensure that we are using the most efficient monitoring tools at all times. The first test phase showed that Talkwalker is the most balanced tool for our applications. Some tools are better in certain areas, such as Synthesio’s performance or Radarly’s additional features. However, the differences are minor and are balanced out by advantages in other areas. You can find the detailed test results in our blog entry.

      In the next test section, we will test the following tools: Crimson Hexagon, Salesforce Social Studio, Netbase and Sysomos.

    • Social Bots

      The US elections, the Ukraine conflict, the German refugee question and this year’s federal election campaigns – these topics are connected by the discussion on social bots. Bots use simple keyword searches to scan Twitter timelines and Facebook posts for specific words and hashtags – then they get to work. In our new blog entry, we take a closer look at this topic and expand on how they operate, how to expose them and what influence they might have on opinion formation. Is there a risk of one-sidedness or do bots even create misleading trending topics? Read more about this in our blog.

    • New staff members: Björn Zosel and Katharina Veit

      Björn Zosel has already been working as a social media analyst in our team for half a year. Prior to that, he was freelancing for CURE in several customer projects. When he’s not currently turning piles of social media data into insights, protecting companies’ reputations or testing the best social media monitoring tools, he likes travelling to exotic countries like Uganda and exploring foreign cultures and languages.

      You can reach Björn Zosel via mail at bjoern.zosel@cure-sa.eu or by phone: +352 26 74 55 44 29.

      Katharina Veit is supporting us as a social media analyst since the beginning of this year. She completed her Master of Arts degree in Communication Studies at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz with a focus on media history as well as mass media and conflicts. During her student days, she gained work experience in the fields of public relations and human resources. She likes hiking and is an ardent theatregoer.

      You can reach Katharina Veit via mail at Katharina.veit@cure-sa.eu or by phone: +352 26 74 55 44 30.

  • Newsletter 02/2016
    • Hello,

      in this newsletter we will inform you on the topic “shitstorm” and how you can face it using Social Media Monitoring and Early Warning.

      We will also present you Sebastian Peter, our new team member.

      Have fun while reading!

      Your CURE S.A. team

    • Early Warning - Alarm in (Social) Web

      The most popular phenomenon in social web is the “shitstorm”, a self-reinforcing wave of critical articles on a person, a product or a company in social network, blogs and comments. Shitstorms can timely be identified through social media monitoring, and through early warning it can be communicated early on and properly. This will save valuable time to counter the crisis and, eventually, solve it altogether.

      Read the full article in our blog post.

    • New member: Sebastian Peter

      In the middle of the year Sebastian Peter joined our team as social media analyst. Among other things, the business administrator for dialogue marketing attends our clients in social media monitoring and social media marketing. Before CURE he worked with product marketing and content management for almost ten years. In his free time he is interested in football, jogging and gym. In addition to that, he is also interested in web development and thus takes correspondence courses for web development.

      Your can reach Sebastian Peter via email at sebastian.peter@cure-sa.eu or by phone under
       +352 26 74 55 44 26.

  • Newsletter 01/2016
    • From now on our newsletter will keep you informed about developments in our company as well as about current topics and news from Web & Social Media Monitoring and Marketing.

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      Your CURE S.A. team

    • Monitoring services in five further languages

      Besides English and German we also provide our Monitoring services in five further languages. Our tools make it possible to account different languages and also to identify the country of origin of the respective articles. French articles, for example, can be allocated to countries as France, Belgium and Luxembourg.
      You can assign Monitoring in the following languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish.

      You can obtain detailed information from Philip Haberstroh under telephone +352 2674 55 44 21 or via e-mail to philip.haberstroh@cure-sa.eu.

    • Interview with Marco Feiten on Social Media Monitoring

      At the end of October 2015 Hauck & Aufhäuser Investment S.A. organised the “Luxemburg Investment Apéro” in Zurich for the fifth time. Around 50 invited guests got important knowledge about new trends in fund business – particularly concerning digital Marketing – through several presentations. Marco Feiten, Managing Director of CURE S.A., reported on the topic “New customer acquisition and improving customer relations with Social Media”. You can find the expert interview, held in Zurich with Marco Feiten on Social Media Monitoring, Intelligence and Marketing on our blog.

      Watch the video on our blog.

    • New team member: Christina Hans

      Christina Hans is a fixed member of the CURE team since mid-2015. Trained in law firm administration she already worked as freelancer for us in the Social Media Monitoring area, while studying business administration. In her work at CURE she particularly appreciates the autonomous work and the variety of topics. During leisure time she is rather sporty: She goes for a run with her dog, plays volleyball and rides.