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Content marketing first and foremost aims at constructing relevant content geared to the target group. But of what use is even the best content when it is not being distributed? CURE offers support throughout the entire content marketing process - from a first draft to production, to distributing the content and finally to monitoring the efficacy of the content and optimizing it.

Content conception

The first question you should ask yourself is: What do I want to achieve with my content? Do I want to accelerate interactions with existing customers or do I want to generate leads? At the start of every content marketing process stands the definition of targets, followed by a definition of the target audience. Social media monitoring has proven itself an excellent instrument for target group research. The result of the first step is an editorial plan in which the targets, target groups and content ideas are recorded and linked with a schedule.

Content production

Starting from the subject matter (products, services etc.), content is created by an editorial team and where necessary by other departments or customers and partners as well. The material will then be edited into news, blog posts, infographics, surveys, studies or text / image / video content for social media.
We are happy to offer you our editorial services and create relevant content for your target groups.

Content distribution

First, the content is published on each of your own channels. Proceeding from that, good content sometimes spreads itself - a push in social media initiates the virality of the content. In addition, there are numerous ways to distribute the content externally. Web & social media monitoring will be of help in finding suitable channels. For example, it identifies key-influencers that can be supplied with the content. For more information on this, please see our blog entry on key influencers.


To check on the success of content marketing, we recommend monitoring your content. Which contributions were received particularly well? Which videos generated the highest engagement rate? Monitoring also helps to identify which content did not work well and needs to be optimised. Additionally, content from competitors can also be monitored and analysed.

We are happy to assist you!


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