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An established form of online sales is affiliate marketing. If you are already marketing products via this channel on the internet, CURE affiliate control helps you check the quality of the advertising and the network itself. Additionally, we can identify further sales potential and best practice examples.

Affiliate insights are the focussed results of our affiliate control. You will receive regular reports that reflect the effect of affiliate marketing adapted to your questions. You will learn how your product is presented by the publishers – especially when it is a complex product that requires explanation. Through comments and user opinions, you receive direct feedback on how your product or campaign reaches the customer.

We also minimize your risks and identify among other things:

  • incorrectly stated conditions
  • outdated test seals or advertising banners
  • inaccurate content (e.g. your product is promoted on a questionable website)
  • infringement of legislation (e.g. consumer credit directive, price regulation)
  • non-contractual behaviour of the affiliate partner (e.g. unauthorized reimbursements, click farms, trademark infringement)
  • technical malfunctions (e.g. incorrect links)

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