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You, your brand, your products, your services, your employees: Millions of opinions and pieces of information are traded on the internet on a daily basis, not least about you and your company. This involves risks. Negative developments that spread quickly and vehemently online can damage your reputation permanently and lead to a movement of clients. It is therefore important to identify and analyse such developments at an early stage. Only then, suitable measures help to prevent much bigger damage.

Online communication and especially user-generated content provide great opportunities, too. By means of web & social media monitoring or social listening, you will be able to find inquiries by interested parties worth familiarizing with your product. You gain insights into how to improve your services and products. In addition, web & social media monitoring identifies trends and topics that may be of crucial importance for your strategic positioning.

We rely on the market-leading monitoring tool Talkwalker in our work. But still, no tool is able to replace human intelligence, which is why it is the duty of numerous qualified CURE employees to monitor sources manually according to your search request. We are offering highly professional and comprehensive monitoring of multilingual online content (i.a. German, English, Spanish, French) and are covering 150 million sources world-wide. The monitoring includes:

  • blogs
  • microblogs (e.g. Twitter)
  • social networks (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+)
  • message boards and communities
  • video and picture sharing platforms (e.g. Youtube, Pinterest)
  • Q&A websites (e.g.,
  • review websites (e.g.,
  • news websites (including user comments)

All results are historicised in a data base tailored to your needs. Additionally, all results covered by the tool can be inspected online. Depending on your needs and wishes, we deliver analysed and aggregated results in variable time periods such as daily, weekly or monthy reports.

CURE Basic Monitoring

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