Early Warning System - detecting crises at an early stage

Our early warning system enables us to inform you about critical developments on the internet at an early stage - on weekdays, weekends and public holidays. That way, you can react as quickly as possible and prevent potential damage to your reputation. These services are particularly interesting for the areas of public relations and corporate communications as well as service departments.

Waves of extremely negative reactions on a particular topic on the social web can be detected through an early warning system and communicated accordingly. This helps you gain valuable time to face the crisis and ideally dissolve it entirely. Individual negative news also carry great importance and are covered by the early warning system as well.

To achieve this, the early warning process is precisely defined in accordance with the client. Distinctive features include a topic's explosive nature and its circulation.

A result is inherently critical or explosive if:

  • a client’s reputation or that of a person connected with the company (e.g. employees) is in danger.
  • a message is being spread that could negatively influence the company’s businesses or contain grave accusations or criticism.
  • (potentially) false information is being spread.
  • employees are showing misdemeanour (including e.g. acting publicly for another company or publishing inappropriate “private” pictures).
  • trademark rights or personality rights of employees are violated.
  • the security of persons is in danger.

Other matters might of course justify an early warning as well - the early warning system at CURE is based on individual agreements and is adjusted to the client's respective situation.

For further information, please read our blog post Early Warning - Alarm in the Social Web.

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Ihr Ansprechpartner: Philip Haberstroh

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